Born in 1984 in Greece.

Raised in an art-friendly environment.

Started messing around with vector & raster software at the age of 13.

2002: University of Portsmouth, BSc (Hons) Computing.

2005: University of Portsmouth, MSc Computer Networks Administration and Management.

Web Developer & Programmer.

2009 co-founded Penguin Education. Main lecturer (design & development).

2009 creative director @ Introsoft Solutions.

2011 co-founded Treesix (design & art related clothing and objects).

2012 co-founded the online magazine “Consider” ( Made in order to inspire and display art related material, from all around the world, to the Greek audience).

Vice President of the non-profit movement “Art in Progress”.

2013 back to the U.K.

Creative Director / Senior Designer / Web Design & Development




...more to come...